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Spring 2015

Home Inventories Place True Value on the Life and Home You've Built

If your home was the casualty of a fire, burglary or other type of catastrophic event, do you know what it would cost you and your family to replace everything?

Prevention Intervention: 8 Ways to Deter Car Theft

Every year, automobile theft costs Canadians nearly $1 billion. Prevention is 99% of the battle. 8 ways to deter thieves from stealing your car.

Cottage Life Insurance Policies Offer Luxury Estate Planning Security at Middle Class Prices

A forced cottage sale owing to tax burdens compounds grief. The HUB Cottage Life Insurance Policy helps protect your property for future generations.

Avoid a Boatload of Trouble with Watercraft Insurance

Per the Canadian Red Cross, recreational watercraft use accounts for 86% of all boating fatalities in the country & millions in property damage every year.